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Our network of clinics and universities offers you cutting-edge medicine at the highest level. Within this network, we provide innovative and effective diagnostics and therapies for all complex diseases for inpatients and outpatients. Treatments are provided in modern buildings equipped with innovative and first-class facilities, enabling patients to receive top-quality medical care that meets the highest international standards. Interdisciplinary cooperation ensures optimal treatment. Progress and innovation are prerequisites for medical treatment that promises success. Our doctors and scientists pursue the shared goal of developing new therapies and quickly putting them into practice for the benefit of our patients.

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Treatment enquiries and appointments

You can submit medical documents (e.g. Word, PDF, JPG) and image data (e.g. CT/MRT) to us over our contact form. Please complete the contact form in full and submit it to us. You will then be directed to the next step automatically. Here you can upload any additional image data.
In order to be able to make treatment recommendations and prepare a cost estimate, we need copies of the following medical findings: • Last doctor’s letter; • Imaging diagnostics (MRI/CT in Dicom format) • Laboratory findings • For tumour diseases: Histology report, previous therapy plans/radiation protocols • 3-4 working days before the appointment: completed and signed COVID19 questionnaire Please note that these • have to be in English • and informative and comprehensive (e.g. current condition of the patient, previous therapy, main and secondary diagnoses).

From the time our International Office receives all the necessary information and findings, it takes approximately 4-5 working days to process your treatment enquiry.  Once the appropriate medical department has reviewed your medical records, you will receive our treatment recommendation along with a cost estimate.

Please note: Before submitting your details and uploading your medical documents, please read the following important information and documents required for international patients carefully and thoroughly.  Our doctors can propose a high-quality treatment plan on the basis of the information they receive.  We cannot deal with enquiries by telephone or email because the form is required for internal processes.

Treatment Enquiry

You can submit medical documents (e.g. Word, PDF, JPG) and image data (e.g. CT/MRT) to us over our contact form.  Please complete the contact form in full and submit it to us.  You will then be directed to the next step automatically. Here you can upload any additional image data.

Response Time

After we have received all the necessary information and requisite findings, we usually send you feedback from our doctors within 3-4 working days. Please note that when you submit your data using our contact form we can deal with your enquiry as quickly as possible (no delays due to postal delivery).


We will try to accommodate your request for specific appointment dates as far as feasibly possible. Please feel free to inform us of your preferred dates. We regret that we cannot confirm an appointment until we have received payment of the amount shown on the cost estimate.

Medical Treatment

What medical documents do you need to submit so that we can deal with your enquiry? We need copies of all your medical documents so that we can prepare accurate treatment proposals and the cost estimate. • Please submit all the files in either German or English. • The documents should be current. • Computer-generated text (we are unable to accept handwritten reports). We take over the organisation and supervision of medical treatments for overseas patients as part of a comprehensive package: • Medical assessment and advice • Planning of diagnostics and therapy Admission, care and medical treatment in outstanding German partner clinics depending on the indication • Assistance with visa formalities (for confirmed/planned treatment) Our International Office provides a special service for overseas patients. Our International Office team provides administrative support to international patients before, during and after their stay with us. We give personal, cultural and religious needs the highest priority. Because we have doctors and nurses from different countries with international experience working for us, we can often communicate with our overseas patients in their native language. If the case calls for it, we work together with experienced and certified interpreters.

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